Search Engine Optimized

When your customers want to find something online they begin with a search engine. The practice of Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is the process of improving how your website is ranked by search engines through optimized code, site architecture, and meaningful content. It affects the visibility of the pages on your website in […]

Secure Design & Backup

Having your site hacked is a hassle and can really damage your reputation.  Believe it or not hacking attempts are much more common than most people realize, even for smaller businesses or sites that do not perform financial transactions.  Hackers often utilize complex scripts and tools that seek out and exploit security vulnerabilities online, meaning […]

Small Business Advantage

Getting your business online is essential to the success of your small business.  Studies have shown that people use a businesses website and online presence to assess their credibility when deciding rather or not to contact them, even after receiving a ‘word of mouth’ recommendation from a friend or colleague.  With the growing use of […]

Make Your Presence Known

Make Your Presence Known